I was born in Marsala in 1985.

When I was child, I expressed my creativity producing a great quantity of drawings and objects of various genre. It wasn’t for me a simple hobby, but a true creative activity in full time that I gave it the priority than my homeworks. From that moment, I continued to experimenting in art, following my artistic vein. I understood that it has been my only function in the world. This necessity was accompanied with one spiritual research through my curious and investigator attitude about life.

In a first moment, I frequented the High School of Art in Trapani. After my graduation, I moved to Brescia, where I frequented L.A.B.A. (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti). At that time, I realized a great number of self portraits, motivated by a psychological analysis of my person. Two years later, I moved to Milan where I studied at the Brera’s Fine Arts Academy, motivated by an exigency to extend my artistic experience. Having an excellent ability about pictorial technique, I start to evolve my personal style through the comparison with other young artists that came from Italy and from all over the world. I approached at the antroposophical thought, attending the seminaries at the antroposophical association in Milan. Through it, I can acquire an empirical method of interior and spiritual research. It was for me an important moment that determined my art. In those years I frequented the studio of the sculptor Gino Masciarelli. I had passion about the studio of ancient symbols and archetypical images from which I had new forms and contents. From it, followed my literary-philosophical essay “Through the boundaries of time and space – Essay on the archetypal forms”, that I presented as Thesis of degree of second level in Visual Arts.

My paintings symbolize man’s spiritual dimension and my artistic work mark my spiritual stage. I express my artistic conception through illustrations, visual arts, video arts, performing arts and multimedia installations too.

Art and Gnosis have always been the vocations of my life; interests that sometimes counterbalance themselves and often keep pace. Moreover, spiritual research can be compared to the artistic one because both are inner and individual researches. Making art-works is for me an intuitive experience that lets me catch, in forms and colours, the over-sensible reality. Rudolf Steiner said “True art has, on one hand, the task to bring divine and spiritual life to the earth and, on other hand, to give a form to physical earthly life so, in its shapes, in its colours, in its words and in its sounds, it can appear as an earthly manifestation of extra earthly sphere.”[1]

The artist’s task, who works close to knowledge, is fixing a kind of harmony between spiritual and earthly sphere. As we know, art had, at its origin, an “auratic” function, connected to the worship and the representation of transcendent, in few words, it manifested in a conceptual and symbolic way the supersensible reality: this was possible, in the past, only through the clairvoyance of some men and artists. The pictorial art developed, in this regard,  an important role, because it is the language of interior spirit (the two-dimensional plain of paint represents ideally the spiritual dimension in which we participate with our feeling in the experience of colours).

True art is an event of pure knowledge and not a delightful game. It can reveal transcendent and unconscious contents in allegorical images or symbols through the mediumship of  the artist; for this reason I use, in my artistic language, precise symbols or archetypical images.

The archetypes, by virtue of their numinous power, occur in dreams and in fantasies, acting on man as “archetypes of transformation”. Their function is to balance the psyche of the individual, integrating the unconscious in the conscious; it is a synthetic process of self-conscience that Jung defines with the term “process of characterization”[2].

I live and work both in Zuerich, Milan and in Marsala. I collaborate with some art and architectural studies. I’m a member of the art movement in Milan: In-Flusso, founded by artist Gino Masciarelli.


[1] Rudolf Steiner, THE UNIVERSAL MISSION OF ART, ed. Antroposofica, Milano 1999, p. 53

[2] C. G. Jung, THE ARCHETYPES OF COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS, ed. Bollati Boringhieri, Torino 2008, p. 66